Friday, February 22, 2013

PD Interviews: Peter Wagner

We are starting an interview series with our PD's so our readers can get to know them on a more personal level. We're starting it off with Peter, my fellow blogger, for whom I've come up with some pretty thought provoking questions about Manna, personal quirks, and geopolitical events. Next week I'll be interviewing Jenni so if you have questions for her, please put them in the comments section and I will be forced to ask her. Enjoy!

Peter and the teens on a Teen Center Paseo

Also he asked me to proof-read this.....I did not. 

Peter Gordon Wagner
North Thetford, VT
University of North Carolina at Asheville
Health & Wellness Promotion Major

180 lbs
40 yd dash time: 4.9 seconds (for realz)

1. What programs do you run?
Teen Center, Agriculture Program, Children Nutrition, Men's Exercise.

2. If you had to pick one, which is your favorite and why?
Children Nutrition.  We get to work and develop relationships in another community within our community.  A fun and rewarding experience to work with a local school and expand the community's awareness about MPI, all the while providing a much needed educational experience to children who otherwise would not have access to such material.  

3. How did you hear  about Manna and what made you want to join?
My cousin was an MPI Program Director in 2007 in Nicaragua.  After graduating in December 2012 I wanted to travel so I contacted my cousin, who now works in Bogota, about visiting him.  He immediately referred me to MPI's website and shared his experience with me about Manna and how the experience was incredibly valuable to his professional and personal life.  The rest is history.

4. Is there something from your experience so far that has caught you off guard?
How fast I would pick up Spanish.  Arriving in Ecuador I was incredibly uncomfortable speaking with a very limited experience doing so.  Now I fully understand Spanish, for the most part, and am confident speaking the language.  There is always room for improvement though.

5. What's your favorite part of our house?
I like the rooftops where I can hang up a hammock, read a book and soak in some sunshine. I also like the backyard where Jefferson and I have been doing some small agriculture projects; transforming garden beds, starting seeds, compost, etc. 

6. What is your favorite meal to cook for dinner?
Stromboli or stir fry, with of course a homemade pie to top it off.

7. Who's your favorite band?
Nightmares on Wax

8. What is your go to move when crushing the dance floor?
Electric slide, the worm - you name I can break it.

9. How awesome is our cat Gandalf?
I love him!  Especially when we sip our coffees together in the morning. 

10. What do you think is the best thing you will take away from your experience with Manna?
The personal relationships I have developed with some of the community members.  Spending time with them outside of our programs has fostered such strong personal connections; attending family gatherings for holidays and celebrations, grabbing a bite to eat, playing basketball.  I am so fortunate to have met these people who I now consider to be my friends and family here in Ecuador. 

11. What impact do you hope to leave on Manna?
I hope to leave a lasting impact on the lives of the community members I have come to know in my time here so far through the exchange of social interactions and relationships.  Also being an active, approachable member of the community, demonstrating how important it is to be involved and interested in the community in which you work and live in.  

12. What are your thoughts on the nuclear crisis in Iran? Do you believe the economic sanctions are working or should a different course of action be taken?
No freakin' clue.  

Thanks Peter. Tune in next Friday to get to know Jenni. I'll start now: Her name is spelled with an i, not a y. Who knew?


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