Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reduce Reuse Recycle!

So we’ve been looking for a while now for the best way to get rid of all the extra plastic bottles we had lying around the library from previous art and recycling projects. Recycling facilities are few and far between in Ecuador, but we couldn’t bear to throw them away, especially when we are trying to set an example for the kids in the library. A friend of ours informed us recently that there is actually a facility in Selva Alegre (not far from our house in Sangolqui!) where we could recycle all the extra bottles. After Nicole checked the place out, we decided to make a project out of it, asking kids in the library to bring in bottles off the street until we had enough to fill up our neighbor Caesar’s pick-up truck. Knowing that kids will do anything for a funda de caramelos  we offered them an undeniable incentive: a bag of candy in exchange for a bag of bottles . Nicole took the lead on this one, giving me time to ease my group of summer vols into life in Sangolqui and experience all of our programs. Her and Caesar took an entire truck-full of bottles to the recycling facility on Saturday and even more exciting news- we can continue to have recycling in the library and at home! It was painful for us when we first moved in to see how many recyclables get thrown away here, and how much trash builds up in the streets. It was even more painful to see how quickly we got used to trashing our own plastic and glass containers. We are thrilled to be taking a small step in the right direction, and trying our best to educate the kids in the library on the importance of recycling and reusing materials whenever possible.

In other news: Watkins and I traveled to Baños with the summer vols this past weekend. Check out pictures from the trip and  read about Session 1’s experiences first hand here!

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