Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We Workout!

Last Saturday we hosted our second Women’s Exercise and Nutrition party (solo para mujeres) to start off the new quarter. We had good attendance, with a lot of our Adult English women and Nutrition class students showing up, as well as a few Women’s Exercise participants and our upstairs neighbor (who we have been bugging all year to come to exercise classes). Walter and Gaston were very offended that we wouldn’t let them attend, but they still helped us out by holding down the fort in the library while we were upstairs with the women.

We cooked a healthy baked oatmeal recipe that Emily had found, along with a peanut butter banana-pineapple smoothie. While the oatmeal was cooking Nicole and I gave a charla on the importance of drinking water, walking as a form of exercise, and the 10 power foods that help with weight loss and muscle development. The charla went really well, and the women had lots of questions for us. Next we each gave an explanation of what we do in our workout classes, and talked about our personal reasons for doing exercise. The women had some awesome and inspirational reasons of their own, which will soon be displayed in the exercise room for a little motivation.

Here are some of the reasons we came up with together:

-To feel strong
-To prevent disease
-To lose weight
-To maintain healthy blood sugar levels
-It makes us feel better
-Because we love to eat
-To feel beautiful
-To clear our minds
-For the endorphins
-To improve our self esteem
-Because we like it

We are working hard to get the women excited for our 5k in June. We handed out lots of information about the benefits of running and how to prepare for your first race. Rumiloma has never had a race before and we are very excited to be the first ones to put one on. All the girls in the Manna House are passionate about exercise and we love having the chance to share this with the women in the community. Stay tuned for more race updates as we talk to sponsors and start the process of inscriptions!

All the women took part in preparing the recipes

 Enjoying the food

 Nicole and I giving our charla

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