Sunday, May 13, 2012

Summer Vols!!

Our first session of summer vols have all arrived and moved into the Manna House! After a late night of airport pickups we slept in this morning, had a lovely breakfast of fruit salad and coffee cake (and lots of coffee) and got started. After orientation and getting to know each other we set out for a short tour of Sangolqui to get to know the area they will call home for the next month. We got to see a live band performing for Mother's Day in the plaza by the church, and then walked through the bustling Sunday market. Everyone got to take their first Capelo bus ride to the centro in Rumiloma. After checking out the library we got lunch at la clinica across the street from the house and everyone got to try some coastal Ecuadorian cuisine. Right now the vols are taking their Spanish placement tests and then we are off to get some ice cream. On the agenda for tonight is some bonding around the campfire, and then a Quito city tour tomorrow. Summer vols will be writing their own blog posts about their experience throughout the next month which can be read by clicking on the Summer Session 1 link at the top of the blog!

Happy Mother's Day to all our moms at home. We miss you and love you but we promise we are all safe and happy in Ecuador!


Craig Smith said...

Capelo Bus! Is it still spewing out as many pollutants as possible?

You said Spanish placement tests? Are you putting your summer volunteers into language school?

Anonymous said...

I think its safe to say the Capelo Bus hasn't changed a bit. And yes, the summer vols are taking Spanish classes! They are optional but everyone has decided to take them. Luis and one of the other teachers are coming out to the house twice a week to give classes.