Monday, September 1, 2008

First Day of School

As I write this the rains are starting to roll in; what started as 8 am clouds over the distant mountains has turned in to a full-fledged thunderstorm dumping buckets of South American rains down on our little Conocoto. Considering we’re all about to hop on a bus over to our first day of Apoyo Escolar, the rains came at just the right time...? So it goes, I’m told.

This morning Zak, Seth, Johanna and I packed all the supplies we’ll be needing for the next year of Apoyo Escolar into a truck bed and bumped our way over to the Casa Barrial. After schlepping three huge cabinets, countless dry erase boards, markers, crayons, paper, rulers, pencils, pens, notebooks, erasers, speakers, construction paper, and boxes full of books for our seedling of a library into the Casa Barrial, we got to work sweeping and wiping down tables and chairs for what we’re hoping will be a full class of students.

September 1st marks the first day of school for Ecuadorian students, and we’re ready for programs to get underway, even if it does mean the onset of the rainy season. Pull on the rain boots and let’s learn some Ecuadorian math :)


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