Thursday, September 4, 2008

While Waiting for Sugar Cookies

I’m writing today’s blog post (albeit late into the evening, I know) from the unnamed (but unanimously accepted) headquarters of the Manna Ecuador house, The Kitchen. Not much to look at, this room is without a doubt the most frequented room in the whole place. Dunc would clearly like to spend all of his time here, as evidenced by his constant insistence that we put a bed next to the oven. At any given time during the day, someone will be in here cooking an egg, pealing a banana, slicing some mozzarella, or spreading some peanut butter on, well, anything that's edible. Most days, come 4 o'clock when dinner cooking commences, an assortment of chairs will mysteriously make their way into the kitchen, computers will be perched on laps, and we'll all catch up on each other's days and programs as the poor cook chops an exorbitant amount of vegetables. It's a wonderfully telling form of MPI Ecuador community.

I will not tell you how dirty this place can get (ahem, the floor), mainly because I don’t want to instigate a flurry of emails from concerned moms back in the states. The sugar cookies I’m baking for dessert are still in the oven, (plate number two, that is, seeing as how plate one was just confiscated by one Luke Lockwood, who has retreated to the hammock room with 5 cookies in tow) and I have 10 glorious minutes of downtime in a day that hasn’t seemed to slow down yet.

Last night we said goodbye to yet another MPI 2007-08 Program Director, Zak, and each of us has expressed how empty our hearts feel now that he’s gone. Yes, maybe I’m being just a little bit emo, but we all have noticed how much emptier the Manna House feels with all of the old PDs gone. I know what you’re thinking, Holly, you still have seven roommates for Pete's sake, what in the world are you going to do when you get your first apartment by yourself? I will become a crazy bird lady, that’s what.

Anyway, this is probably just my overly dramatic way of telling all the old PDs “we miss you!” and attempting to distract my overly eager self from opening the oven door every 4 minutes. Gotta keep these hands busy :)


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