Saturday, September 6, 2008

When in Doubt, Use Photography

Today I spent the majority of my time drafting, re-drafting, deleting, starting over, getting side-tracked, avoiding, thinking about, writing, editing, and obsessing over the monthly email update we at Manna send to all of our donors, friends, family, professors, you if you’ve found your way to this site. Thus it is midnight here in Ecuador and all I have to show for today’s Daily Life blog is a long run on sentence and what follows close after (read: THIS).

When you check your email and see something from Manna Project International, just know that I’ve poured more thoughts atop that sucker than I do syrup over Mark’s homemade griddle cakes. And that means a LOT.

So today instead of a story via words, you’ll get a story via photographs. Enjoy :)

(Marjorie, one of our Apoyo Escolar students, soaking up free time between homework)

(the much anticipated stop for cold Fantas in the glass far the best, according to Dunc's grading scale. He'll probably post about it when it's his turn to guest blog)

(top of a church in downtown Sangolqui, site of last weekend's "Corn" Festival and our favorite outdoor food market)