Sunday, May 17, 2009

Interview a PD: Serena Zhou

And...a week later, Serena's interview is finally finished! Her responses were definitely worth the wait, though :)


The sound is a little funky, gets pretty quite in certain parts and slightly loud in others (although that's probably because I have zero volume control over my laugh), but it wasn't worth delaying it more for me to watch more tutorials on

Happy Sunday!


Chris said...

a polygamist metal bull that wants to spread its genes to every single bull possible.. 10/10

Serena said...

haa it's actually "polygamous meadow vole" (in contrast with the monogamous prairie vole) but close enough :) please don't ever quote me on that...

Nica News said...

yeah that makes a lot more sense. i figured i misheard at least one word.

Mark Clayton Hand said...

Eggs soak up bread? Weird Ecuadorian eggs.

I do like that Serena has such an advanced understanding of the space-time continuum that she can refer to "24 hours ago" as "so far away."