Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interview a PD: Seth Harlan

The Seth Harlan interview is up! This time around we received a wide variety of questions, from the hilarious to the serious, the wacky to the contemplative. Seth did an incredible job with his responses, so much so that I couldn't help but include more footage than usual.

In response to a question from Johanna, one of our dearest Ecuadorian friends (and Seth's girlfriend), Seth answers in both English and Spanish, so be sure to stick it through to the end if you want to brush up on your Spanish comprehension :)

And now, the Seth interview!


Craig Smith said...

Seth, you are awesome! Yall are doing amazing work. Keep it up, I miss you guys.

Charlie McCalla said...

If all Ecuadorians believed that all Americans were like Dunc and Eliah, (or for that matter any of the Manna folks), compassionate, caring, kind and trustworthy, the next thing you would know, some American oil company or such would be down there trying to take advantage of them.

Kayla Ibarra said...

Seth, no way...you were a hick? Haha. Anyway that was amazing! I'm really liking these interviews, it's great to see how much MPI is really growing since my session one group was there last year. I'm really excited that you guys started a film program! I would have loved to do that if I could have stayed, can you guys tell me about it?