Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Final Farewell

13 months later, and it's time. Time to pass on the cameras, give up administrator status in the google group, and hand over the Daily Life Blog to my two replacements, Sarah Scott and Jackie Weidman.

Thank you all for tuning in this past year; it has been an awfully great privilege to be the online voice of the Manna Ecuador site. After 180 posts, it sure has been a prolific journey. I've loved your comments (yes, even yours Aravon), your emails, your encouragements and your suggestions. Thank you for checking up with us every once in a while and for playing a part in what MPIE has become.

There is more to say about what we've learned this year, but I'll save all of that for the monthly (or more aptly tri-monthly at this point) update sent sometime later this week. All I can really say is an exhaustive thank you. I'll be sure to pop in every now and then as a guest blogger, too :)

Signing out,


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Holly for all of your efforts to keep us up to date!! You're great!! (Mark's dad)

Chuck Ward said...

Sad sign off, baby. See you soon. Happy sign in.
love dad

Aravon said...

Holly, even though you've already gone on record as implying that [somehow?] I would not be the first McCalla brother (or even person, for that matter) that you would choose to save from a hypothetical fire at the Manna house, I just wanna say that you did an absolutely incredible job of running the blog this year -- and while quite obviously you didn't censor me nearly as often as you should, I think that despite such frequent errors in judgment you nonetheless you did a phenomenal job of enabling those of us back home in the States to keep up with our loved ones as well as the daily goings-on at Manna -- the video interviews in particular were a great idea!

Anyhow, it was really great to get to meet you and the rest of the PDs in person earlier this summer -- between the frequent stories my brother would relay as well as the articles I read on the blog, I definitely knew I couldn't pass up a chance to meet you guys. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

susanna said...

Well Done Holly! !May the force be with you!
Just know that you made the past 13 months fun, interesting and informative. You were right there next to my local paper and wall street journal everyday and most of hte time more interesting, worthwhile, and rewarding to read. Carry on and I do hope your trail lead to Boulder Colorado at some point in time. Thanks for a job so well done!!!!(Dana's Mom)

ruth tolles said...

Thanks, Holly, for sharing the year in Ecuador. I will miss your updates and the many smiles it gave me....all the best to you and your crew as you move on to your next chapters! Best, Ruth (Tolles)

Kermit said...

Thanks for the blog. It was a great way to stay in touch with all of y'all this last year. And Holly, I loved your photography.

Serena said...

Holly, you're the best! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoooooooo