Monday, August 24, 2009

PD Introductions and Interview Updates

Well hello there. Long time, no blog (for me, at least). I guess that's what happens when the wireless decides to go out for the majority of Friday afternoon/evening, and when half of the blogging staff (not to mention half of the house) is semi-incapacitated due to a mysterious stomach/digestive issue. Thankfully the shifty internet connection has been resolved... and we're working on the stomach/digestive issues.

On a happier (and less disgusting) note, here is the first installment of PD Introductions! We are quite the eclectic (and sometimes ridiculous) bunch... I hope this conglomeration of interviews gives you a better look into our lives in Ecuador, our motivations for joining Manna Project, and our oftentimes absurd personalities.

The second (and final) installment of PD Introductions should be posted sometime next week. And stay on the lookout for Lori Scharffenberg's interview as well... whew. That's a lot of interviews in the next weeks for you (and a lot of iMovie for me). We have quite the busy week ahead of us (especially the health folks), so forgive me in advance if I don't get it posted until next Friday. I'll do my best! Until then, enjoy part 1 of our PD Introductions!

Until Wednesday,

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zschwarz said...

Loved the video guys :) Glad I finally got a chance to watch it, keep up the great work!