Monday, October 6, 2008

Billy Blanks

In anticipation of the start of our women’s exercise program on October 16, the girls have been spending a good deal of time perfecting our aerobic, tae bo, and yoga exercises and specific vocab. This means that, every day, we move all the sofas, chairs, rugs and tables out of the main “family” room in order to do a workout. A Billy Blanks workout, to be exact.

Just ask the boys how much they love Billy Blanks.

Not only did Billy used to be a platoon leader, he is also the owner of many many coordinated workout outfits and yells encouraging things like “Sound off!” and “Don’t you dare quit on me now! Make it burn, baby!” and “What is this? I can’t hear you? BOOT CAMP, BABY!”.

As we’ve gotten more and more accustomed to his various videos (Basic Training, Ab Boot Camp, Cardio Boot Camp, Ultimate Boot Camp), the amount of screaming at the computer in muscular anguish has greatly diminished, much to the boy’s relief. How these workouts are actually going to translate to our exercise class comprised of 50+ year old women, we have yet to see. I, for one, can’t wait for that hilarity to ensue.


(sun getting low on the walk back from Apoyo Escolar)

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