Monday, May 4, 2009

Laying Down the Law

At the library, Marco is in charge.

The kiddos have come to realize that even though they can get away with most anything in children's art by shooting me their precious little "I'm innocent as a baby sea turtle" look, the same does not apply with Profe Marco. The combination of height (I think he may be the tallest person tiny Jori has ever seen in real life), Spanish fluency (ie. ability to effectively get his point across), and no-nonsense attitude towards running in the library or leaving books strewn around the kid's corner make him the perfect guy to sit behind the front desk. That and the fact that no matter the finished product, if a little library patron draws him something he will post it on the wall behind his desk. They love him :)


Michele H said...

Genevieve was loving the picture of her tio marco! Big smiles all around.

Kermit said...

The photo of Mark holding the two kids in his lap firmly but lovingly is so cute. One can imagine him doing the same thing with those two rascals Dunc and Eliah.