Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Open Letter

An open letter to all of our Moms, who we miss even more than usual today.

Dear Mamas,

Happy Mother's Day!

We're sorry we can't be there to bring you breakfast in bed or help out in the garden, take a walk through the neighborhood or share a glass of wine on the porch together. Thank you for letting us venture out on our great Ecuadorian adventure and for making home such a sweet place to which to return.

Below you will find a few things we miss most about you, today and every day!


(Walks through the neighborhood, movies on Saturday, Chicken & Rice and Thanksgiving)

(Talking on the phone at least three times a day)

(Good ole' home cooking - king ranch chicken, spinach enchiladas, chicken barf bombs, etc. )

(Afternoons spent wandering the stacks together at The Tattered Cover Bookstore)

(The healthy desserts and assisting in turtle surgeries)

(Looking at you looking at me, and your smile)

(Roaming around the house yelling "MOOOOMMM" then realizing she's probably in the backyard again with a glass of sweet tea, tending the garden. Yep, right again.)

(Tunnel of Fudge Cake, Rocky Road brownies, and walks in the park at dusk!)


Kermit said...

This is interesting. Every guy mentions some kind of food. And so does Jocelyn.

lancaster.sarah56 said...

What a sweet open letter. Miss you, too.

Love you