Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Educational Expo

Two of the classes we run out of the library had exciting classes last week and since a picture is worth mil palabras I figure I'll let them do most of the talking...

Last week Chet and Sonia's Art class stared and finished their first multiple-class projects: collages!

Santiago cuts colorful images out of one of the magazines

Profes Dana and Chet lead the first day of collage-making

Kerly and Dario working hard

Krysta and Jackie's Natural Science class learned about the importance of trees and "adopted" their own trees in the cancha across from the library by completing bark imprints and tracing leaves, labeling the parts of each tree in both Spanish and English.

The kids help Jackie and Krysta label their diagrams

Taking bark imprints in the cancha

Krysta helps the kids complete their projects

Evelyn's finished product: bark imprint, tree sketch, leaf tracing and labels!

Cheers to creativity,

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