Monday, October 27, 2008

Colorado comes to Conocoto

I know two people who will not be reading the daily life blog this week; my parents. No, it's not because they've become frustrated by my constant blogging about food or by my sometimes backwards sentence structuring (I blame Spanish), it's because my whole family is here visiting Ecuador for the whole week!

Mom, Dad and "little" (ie. 16 years old but already 6'2'') brother got in on Saturday, and we've had a packed two days thus far; traveling out to Otavalo with the rest of the Manna girls for a day of market haggle-ing, exploring Quito, buying the week's fruit and veggies at the Sangolqui markets, joining in on Apoyo, English class and women's exercise, AND getting to experience the wonder that is Seth and Dunc's dinner night.

I want to apologize in advance if this week's blogging is late or lacking; I want to spend as much time away from my computer and with my family as possible.

Love from Ecuador,

My dogs from home, the only one's missing in Ecuador :) I couldn't resist, sorry...

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ruth tolles said...

Holly -
Greetings to you, your Mom, Dad and Kit - we spent Christmas Day in Peguche, next door to Otavalo; went to midnight service at the town church. The market, Condor Park, textiles - wonderful people, and countryside. What fun - have a good week.... Ruth