Monday, October 26, 2009

¿Qué Pasa?

Today seems to have been a relatively "normal" day in the Manna world. Perhaps our definition of "normal" has changed in the last (almost!) four months... but nothing too out-of-the-ordinary happened today. There were no big rain storms or power outages (bonus points during the rainy season), our Monday Morning Meeting (MMM) lasted a mere 1.5 hours (as opposed to the usual 3...), the kids at the library greeted us with big smiles and "Hola Profe's", and we ate dinner together and talked about things that would generally be considered non-dinnertime topics in most households. Like I said, pretty ordinary. Unfortunately, this has left me with little (ok, try slim to no) creative inspiration on my blog-writing Monday. Bummer.

So in an attempt to get some photo documentation for tonight's blog, I scurried around the house and paparazzi-ed my housemates going about their typical evening lives... (They were really happy about that decision.)

Haley, my lovely roommate, in her typical post-dinner food coma reclined state

Shawn in her freshly painted green room, Skyping with her parentals

Chet doing some work and looking happy to be awake after getting up at 6am for a microfinance course

Sonia on the computer in her new blue room... (are we beginning to see a trend?)

Mike and (you guessed it) his computer in the living room

Jackie and Erik finishing up the dishes on their weekly dishes night

AHH! KRYSTA'S DOING WORK (in her wildcat den)! (ON THE COMPUTER!)

And my favorite part about typical nights in the Manna House... the view of Conocoto from our rooftop

I think the typical days tend to be my favorites. :)

Hasta miercoles,

PS. Dana was in the shower. I decided paparazzi-ing her would be a poor choice...


Haley and Dave said...

ok, so sarah called me out on my food comas. tonight's may be due to the fact that i ate two helpings of chicken pot pie, followed by sitting at the table and impulsively eating the biscuit top off of the remains. ew. let's just say, the time will come when all of sarah's disgusting habits will be revealed. just you wait, readers...

Unknown said...